Plate Transfer Appointment vs. Vehicle transfer appointment

Updated: Aug 8

What is a plate transfer appointment:

A plate transfer appointment is when your TLC vehicle license, not dmv plate license is given new plates. You would do this whenever you are changing plates on a TLC licensed vehicle, this could happen when your plates are lost or stolen somehow. Nowadays, it's mostly used for plate storage removal if you FS6 (surrendered ("destroyed") your plates).

Here are all the requirements you will need when you go to TLC for them:

Bring original Title;

if adding back the same car bring the old DMV registration ;

if adding a new car bring the MV-82 DMV form

if the newly added car's title isn't under your name yet because it was recently purchased then bring the sales tax receipt to the TLC because they can't process sales tax.

DMV plate surrender receipt (FS-6 form if it was FS-6);

updated For-Hire Insurance Certificate (FH-1) issued within the last 45 days;

Certificate of Liability (insurance)

Declaration page (insurance)

photo ID;

Power of Attorney (if applicable);

company Filing Receipt;

complete FHV Transfer application;

signed Vehicle License Storage Form.